Child Support

Child Support-How much will i pay?

Child Support- How Much is Fair for Me to Pay?

Florida Law places the best interest of the children ahead of everything else during a divorce. Clearly, parents have a legal obligation to support their children financially and neither party to a divorce can alter that responsibility. Florida law determines the amount of child support to be paid basing the calcualation upon the net income of the parents.

The determination of child support in Florida requires the preparation of the Child Support Guideline Worksheet which correctly calculates the net monthly income of the parties. Because a party may try to understate or hide their income, my many years of experience as a Family Law Practitioner will insure that we will be able to properly determine exactly how much income each parent has so that we can make sure that the child support calculations are correct. Thus doing everything we can to assure the best interest of the children as Florida Law requires.

If the income of either of the parents has changed over time, it may be possible to increase your child support or to either a permanent reduction in the amount of your child support or to a temporary abatement or reduction of your child support due to unemployment. Modifications of child support are relatively simple proceedings that can usually be resolved at mediation or with the filing of an appropriate Motion with the presiding Judge.

Also, it’s important to know that if you are still paying child support for a child who is now an adult, then we can pursue a downward modification based upon the emancipation of that child by filing the necessary and proper paperwork with the presiding Judge.

When faced with Child Support, nothing but the very best Family Law representation will do. Should you choose to retain our services, you can trust that Richard Weldon will devote the time and energy needed to prepare a strong defense based on solid facts and evidence, and aggressively fight your charges from the beginning of the legal process until your case is resolved.