White Collar Crimes

White Collar crimes are often complex and extremely serious criminal offenses in which the Government will spare no resources to collect strong and compelling evidence against you.

The Government may use a vast variety of information gathering techniques in an effort to find probable cause for an Arrest Warrant including wiretaps, testimony of confidential informers. It’s important to have effective representation as soon as possible. Furthermore, because white collar crimes cases are typically tried in federal court, you can expect the government to put its best agents and attorneys on your case.

You need to speak with an experienced and highly skilled federal criminal law attorney who has handled hundreds of successful white collar investigations, evidentiary hearings and trials. It’s important to contact Richard Weldon as soon as you’re placed under arrest or think you may be under investigation so that Richard Weldon will have an opportunity to defend you against these complex charges. Richard Weldon understands the magnitude of your charges, possessing the skill, experience, and resources to fight the Government. Even if things may seem hopeless, Richard Weldon with his many years of State and Federal Law experience knows ever viable defense strategy having creating new ways to defend his clients against their charges. Richard Weldon will defend people against all types of white collar crimes, including, but not limited to:

Money Laundering
Mail Fraud
False Advertising
Tax Fraud
Insider Trading
Credit Card Fraud
Identity Theft
Racketeering (RICO)
Pyramid Schemes
Public Corruption
Antitrust Violations

When faced with something as serious as white collar crimes charges, nothing but the very best criminal representation will do. Should you choose to retain our services, you can trust that Richard Weldon will devote the time and energy needed to prepare a strong defense based on solid facts and evidence, and aggressively fight your charges from the beginning of the legal process until your case is resolved.

If you or someone you love has been accused of a white collar crime, let Richard Weldon, his staff and investigators protect your rights and help you avoid a number of adverse legal penalties.