Federal Charges

Defense Against Federal Charges in Tampa Bay Florida

If you’re facing significant federal criminal charges in the Middle District of Florida, you need to retain Richard Weldon, an experienced attorney who not only has successfully handled hundreds of cases in federal court as a private attorney but also as a Former Federal Defender. Richard Weldon knows the Federal system, knows the judges and knows the Federal Prosecutors.

Federal crimes cases are prosecuted by the federal government, as opposed to all other types of criminal cases which are tried by the state. Federal cases are extremely complex and time consuming often with thousands of pages of evidence amassed by the government. Federal cases are investigated and prosecuted by powerful government agencies and U.S. attorneys.

When faced with something as serious as federal charges, nothing but the very best criminal representation will do. Should you choose to retain our services, you can trust that Richard Weldon will devote the time and energy needed to prepare a strong defense based on solid facts and evidence, and aggressively fight your charges from the beginning of the legal process until your case is resolved. Richard Weldon has litigated many federal cases throughout his career, and is familiar with what it takes to defend someone in the federal court system. We accept cases involving all types of federal crimes, such as those involving:

    • Tax evasion
    • DUI on federal property
    • Drug trafficking
    • Bank robbery
    • Fraud offenses
    • Kidnapping/abductions
    • Hate crimes
    • Terrorism, bombings, arson
    • Treason and espionage
    • Anti-trust violations
    • Child pornography
    • Import and export crimes
    • Counterfeiting
    • Computer & Internet crimes


Experienced Federal Crime Attorney in the Middle District of Florida and the Tampa Bay Area

If you’re being investigated or if you’ve been indicted for any federal charges speak with Richard Weldon at his office right away. At this time, you stand to face a number of penalties, such as:

Lengthy imprisonment, with mandatory minimum sentences, including the possibility of life in prison
Thousands of dollars in fines
House arrest
Restitution (if applicable)
Deportation (If a non U.S. citizen)
Community service
Driver’s license suspension
A mark on your permanent criminal record
With your rights, future, freedom and reputation at risk you need an attorney who will stand up for your rights — Richard Weldon is committed to providing you with the uncompromising defense with unyielding dedication.